Document Title 1. Sale of Penicillin Plant; 2. Employment of Aliens on Defence Work; 3. Leakage of Information to the Czechoslovak Embassy; 4. Disclosure of Information Through Civil Publications; 5. Release of Information from Captured Documents; 6.; 7. Publications Regarding the Soviet Army; 8. Security Aspects of Staff Talks with France and the Benelux Countries
Reference CAB 159/3
Conflicts Cold War
Themes Intelligence Organisation and Administration, Foreign Policy and International Relations, British Domestic Security
Regions Europe, North America
Countries France, Soviet Union, United States of America
Document Type Meeting Minutes
Organisations Chiefs of Staff, Foreign Office, Joint Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Defence, Secret Intelligence Service, Security Service, Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee
People Paul Gleadell, Stewart Menzies, Percy Sillitoe, Kenneth Strong
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